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Solar control series F57 - Fixed Louvre

The F57 is the first of a range of Solar Control products to be released by AWA Windows. The product is designed to assist consumers, designers and developers alike in meeting the new challenges presented to the building industry as they attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As with other products in the ALSPEC range, the F57 is designed to aid in increasing the thermal efficiency of commercial, residential and multistorey residential buildings. By utilising the F57 in the design of your next project you will be able to continue to design in large sliding glass doors without compromising the thermal efficiency of your design.

Simply by closing the F57 privacy screens during the heat of the day in summer you may increase the solar efficiency of your doors or windows by up to 30%. During winter the flexibility of the F57’s design allows you to stack away the panels allowing sunlight to flood the room, reducing the level of artificial heating required, by heating the room with the suns natural rays.

Key Features

• European design influence using smooth clean lines
• Angled elliptical blade design controls privacy by limiting the ability to see in, but offering good outward vision from the inside
• Top and bottom tracks can be concealed in the opening or suspended outside the opening, allowing for clean lines creating a visually appealing screen system
• Top rolling hardware carries high loads and is not susceptible to failure from abrasive damage from sand and debris trapped in the bottom track as associated with bottom rolling doors

Solar control series F57 - Fixed Louvre


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